Jumat, 06 Februari 2009

Deja Vu

My Name is Danniel Derandie Revlis,
18 years old and member of 12 Social 2.
Here, i want to send my public apology
due to my action last Thursday (5/2).

I would like to send my biggest and deepest apology,
to my dear friend, Indra,
for the injury he suffered after last Thursday accident.
I also would like to say sorry to His family,
His mom, his dad, and his sisters,
for the trauma i have caused.
I never meant to do such things.
Because in fact, i have a very good relationship with Indra.

And i also would like to say sorry for each and everyone of you who read this post.
I realize I've made many wrong things.
I know my reputation has fall to the ground,
And now, i just want you to know know that i am really sorry for everything
especially my action that hurt or cause all of you pain or heartache

To the teaching staff at SMAK 7,
I know i have lost my credential and your trust on me,
I know my action is unacceptable,
but i want all of you to know that,
i am not a criminal.
I am a man with honor.
I am a gentleman.
And i will take every consequences for my action.

Thank you.
Danniel Derandie.

3 komentar:

ricky mengatakan...

mkn ny jgn kbyakan ntn smack down.. dan jgn d terapkan d skolah..

Samuel Toga mengatakan...

ga nahan lo bneran ga nahan

Anonim mengatakan...

kebykkan nontonin si randy orton sih. hahahaha